It’s been a struggle to figure out what to do with my time now that I have split up from my partner.

She and I used to do everything together even work together at London escorts I was her driver and she was a hired companion. It was so much fun working with her we spent time waiting for bookings by playing cards having chats about our future or genuinely just cuddling up in the backseat watching Netflix on the iPad.


I don’t know what caused a breakdown in our relationship she would say it was me and the fact that I was jealous about her being a London escort from Charlotte Sevenoaks escorts I would say it was her and the way that she wouldn’t take into consideration my feelings on certain subjects. Either way we’ve broken up now and I’m just trying to figure out my new routine without her.


We still both work for London escorts and on the odd occasion we have had to work together not has been a bit awkward as we used to communicating laughing doing things together being tactile was there waiting for bookings from the receptionist at London escort but now she just sits in the backseat me in the front in need of us talk to each other.


Sometimes I do wanna reach out to her and just touch your hand tell her that I miss her tell her that I’m sorry and I just want her back in my life there is something always stops me. If it’s not my own insecurities of being rejected by her after being so vulnerable then we get a booking from London escort and then have to start driving to the appointment.


I also feel that at the end of the day if she wanted to communicate with me she would reach out to me to movie is a case where she just doesn’t wanna talk to me. Oh my days off from London escorts I try and do things to occupy my time so I don’t have to think about her I started going out with my friends going out to the pub and I started cycling again which I really enjoy. It helps and I do find that I don’t think about her as much all the things we stay whilst we were working together in London escorts but every quiet moment she always seems to pop into my mind. And I hate that.


I would love to know if she thinks about me the way that I think about her I’d love to know whether or not she is struggling to forget me the way that I’m starting to forget her. I’d love to know how she feels when we are working together and whether or not she just wants to reach out and touch me. My other driver friends from London escort say the best way to get over a girl is to get under one right now I can’t even think about performing.

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