Find why I got divorced to the man I thought to be my happy ending

They say when you meet the love of your life, never lose the person. I do believe that fairy tales do come true in real life, we have to wait for our prince charming to save us. I was the eldest of the family, and my parents depend on me because of no permanent income. My siblings are still studying, and I have to help them at their financial needs, I worked for Barnfield Escorts before. I don’t hold a grudge against my parents because they have given me such responsibility but I do understand them. They have done their best for me. I don’t want to let my parents worry too much even if it takes my happiness. My daily routine is House and Work. I have to focus on the family since I am family oriented. I want to have a complete family no matter how poor we are. I am tired, but I am keen for my family. Sometimes, I am envy with my friends, some of them are happily married and have children. But I’m still hoping that my soul mate will eventually find me. Working for Barnfield Escorts from I also have suitors, but I don’t focus on them now. I don’t think one of them is my prince charming. One day, we have a significant client, and He booked me. At first glance, he looks like an angel; he has this charm that could get anyone’s attention. He slowly walks towards me, and everything went to slow motion. He introduced herself with a smile and as I am to him. Our conversation was funny since he makes jokes and moves. The deal was close to the business, and he asks if he can have my personal number. After that, I have received a lot of message from him. We went out for days and getting to know each other. He courted me, and I said yes. I quit my job at the agency and our relationship was smooth and beautiful. He showed his love to and my family. He helps me with my family and gives financially without asking. After three years of being together, we finally tie a knot. My life became complete since I married him. Everything went well as usual to all married couples, but just like season change, people do. Our sweet goodnight became a nightmare. He is always angry for everything I do. He started to hate my family too because of the responsibility we have to them. I became suspicious of him when he arrives late and locks his cellphone. I have suffered a lot to him, but I never gave up. While he was taking a bath, he forgot his cell was open. I’ve got the chance to look into his phone and then saw that he was with someone else. Yes, he cheated on me, and I feel not enough to him. My family raised me strong and independent. The terrible things he did to me was okay, not okay when he got another one. I had filed a divorce and leave him.

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