Elite Escorts in Richmond

You may not think that there would be any call for elite escorts in Richmond. That is what I thought as well, and the main reason I did not add any elite escorts to the girls at my Richmond escorts service. But one night I met a girl working as a hostess in a local club, and found out that a lot of gents were looking for elite escorts. It is the local business community she said and you have to remember that we are close to London Heathrow airport as well. She was a stunning girl and would have made the perfect escorts, but she loved her job as a hostess.


The next day I decide to change my attitude towards elite escorts at my Richmond escorts service of https://charlotteaction.org/richmond-escorts. I thought that it was going to be really hard to recruit elite escorts for the service, but it wasn’t. It turns out that lots of elite escorts in central London are dying to move out of London. It is so expensive to run a boudoir in central London and many of them wanted to work out of town anyway. In the end, I managed to recruit three elite escorts in a week.


The girls arrived and things almost immediately started to pick up. Having added the keywords elite escorts to my website did the trick, and the girls were soon busy dating both local and international businessmen. I was a bit surprised but happy at the same time. What I really liked about my new Richmond escorts was that they were really hard workers. Also, they had a very professional attitude and I think that helped to get the service off the ground quickly.


Today, the face of Richmond escorts services has changed a lot. We have gone from having no elite escorts to virtually having all elite escorts. I never used to get involved in stuff like dinner dating and business functions, but now we do a lot of that. I have to be honest and say that I have let the girls lead the way. They do all of the hard work and they have also come up with some great ideas for our Richmond escorts service.


I still wish that I had the girl in the bar working here, but she is doing a good job sending gents to Richmond escorts. On top of that, she has become my personal girlfriend. She has done a lot of the groundwork for the new part of the agency, and she makes sure that our VIP gents are well looked after. I love the fact that we have a lot in common, and it does not worry her that I won my mom’s old escorts agency. I get a kick out of working with her and at the same time, we do have  a lot of fun together. Just what you need in an unusual job like this. I am sure that the agency will keep on going from strength to strength now that my elite sex kittens are here in Richmond.

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