Do you ever ask yourself when you will ever meet your soul mate?

They say when you found your soul mate, keep her/him and never let her/him go again. I have heard many stories about love, and it sounds romantic. Many people wish that they could found their soul mate soon and live with them. Love is a feeling that you do not want to stop, it feels like in paradise. Many people have fallen in love, and it’s the happiest moment happen to their lives. Love binds people differences and makes it into one.  It gives us strength and motivation to create something better for ourselves. The feeling that you wish won’t stop. Some lucky people found their soul mate and live the rest of their lives with them. And how lucky I am to found my soul mate.


I am grateful that I have a complete and happy family and I thanked it because of my parents. Their love for each other is undeniably real and everlasting said by a Harrow Escort girl from According to my mother, you will know that it is your soul mate when both of you have the same feeling for each other and willing to give a chance. It’s like when you first saw each other, your world slowly stop, and your heart keeps beating faster, and all you see is him/her. If you found yourself looking for him/her every day and think about the person every night, then she/he is your soul mate. And she added, don’t rush love because it will come to you. Don’t allow the views of others destroy you and make a wrong plan. Wait for the right moment, and you will see the happiness you are looking for.


And from that advice, I know it’s true. When I was still a kid, I still experience admiration, but I don’t think its love perhaps it’s just I like something on that person. I focus first on my studies and make my dreams come true. And because anyway, if there is someone for me, she will be mine. You know, many people have been in many relationships and still ends up, because they allow that wrong person to abuse, use, etc. in your life. And if just you waited and had a little more patience maybe you won’t suffer like that and be happy when the right person has come. But anyway, in experience we learn something.


After college, I pursue my dreams at Harrow, a place in London. I worked there for five years and still single. I met Kylie, and when I first saw her, it’s like the world stops, and my heart kept beating and told myself, I know this lady is for me, and she is my soul mate I have been waiting for. I pursue her, and over time we became a couple.

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