Are they the hottest girls in town?

Personally I think that London escorts are the hottest girls in town says Stephen. I have dated using a few other agencies, but I have to say that I am hooked on the girls at London escort service. First of all they are totally stunning, and then they are really sexy. Believe it our not, it is actually quite hard to find really sexy escorts in London of today. A lot of the girls are just trying to be too posh in my opinion. Of course, I want to date girls who look good but I don’t want to date girls who are snooty.



A lot of the girls who work for so called elite agencies in central London are snooty, says Stephen. Take Mayfair girls for instance. Unless you are wearing a Rolex watch they kind of look funny at you. I dated a Mayfair girl a couple of weeks back, and she kept checking me out all of the time. She looked at my watch, the credit cards in my wallets and then checked out my clothes, she was clearly looking for designer brands. Clearly a lot of the dates she has all are really rich. Give me London escorts any day, says Steven.



I know that many gents think that the girls who work in central London are supposed to be the best. Now, I don’t agree with that anymore. A lot of them seem to be interested in the Arab Bad Boys. I am sure that they get some really big tips from them, and they drive the girls around in their fancy cars. Great, but I think that one day they are going to come down to earth with a real bump. London escorts are not like that at all.



The first time I date a girl from London escorts services, I was really impressed, says Stephen. Ever since that day I have recommended the service to many of my friends. As a matter of fact, many of them have now been concerted and only date the girls from London. All of the guys say the same thing. They think that the girls are super sexy and lots of fun to be with. It would nice if even more lads discovered how great the girls in London are in real life. They really are really hot babes and sexy vixens.



The great thing about London escorts is that you can enjoy longer dates. The hourly rates are lower and this means that I often arrange a two hour hot date. They are also into doing outcalls. That is really cool if you have come home from work, and fancy some company. All you need to do is to call the agency and the girl is normally around in less than an hour. Getting the Mayfair babes to do the same thing is more or less impossible. I suppose it is different if you have an address in Mayfair or Knightsbridge, finishes Stephen.

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